Legend of the Five Rings Art

Astonishing Accusation - Jason Engle “Get away from my friggin sister!”

Inciting Mistrust - Brent Chumley - I keep coming up with amusing ways the ninja got the guy so mad at the other one in my head. “Where the hell is my duran duran mixtape Ted?”

The Host’s Advantage - Anna Christenson - A really great court scene, which are hard to craft as they need to be full of secondary characters and still focused on one central figure to make them a center of attention.

Yojimbo Assemble - Glen Osterberger Old fellow is probably thinking ” I control the fundamental powers of the universe and could disintegrate that guy in half a second…buuuut I guess I’ll let the kid get his exercise. “

  1. landisaurus said: what, no commentary :( What is that yojimbo doing? Isn’t it rude to point at a topless woman? (who is he talking to anyway?) What are the markings on the various courtier’s clothes? Why don’t more cards have crane being punched?
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